Event: Friday May 25th, 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 4PM GMT

One of the great moments of Kamailio World 2018 was seeing Olle Johansson speak. Although Olle truly needs no introduction to regulars, it may be best to give a short one here.

Olle has been active in software development, software distribution, consulting, training and conferences since 1987, with open networking, open standards and open source. He has been pioneer in his work with many different kinds of VoIP and IM projects, among which are Asterisk®, OpenSER/Kamailio and ejabberd on Linux and Freebsd systems. His company, Edvina was founded in 1987 and has worked in many areas of TCP/IP networking, including directory services, information systems and security. He is a co-founder of Astricon and contributed significantly to channel SIP in Asterisk.

Audio version is here.

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Event: Friday May 11th, 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 4PM Zulu

Eric Klein  of Cloudonix joins us to talk about what’s new on their end and also let you know that you can meet Nir Simionovich in Berlin if you’re going to Kamailio World. SIP is dead; Long live SIP! We also talk about privacy and competition in the telecom sector.

Audio version is here

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Event: Friday May 4th 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 5 pm UK, 6 pm Paris/Berlin

Zoiper 5 release: Longtime friends Zoa and Mira stop by to chat about this. We talk briefly about the T-Mobile/Sprint merger.

We give a preview of Kamailio World 2018 with Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Co-Founder Kamailio.


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Event: Friday April 27th 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 5 PM UK, 6PM CEDT

If you have an email address and any online activity at all, you’ve probably received these “Data Policy Update” messages from multiple platforms. We’ll talk a little about what happens May 25th for EU and non-EU citizens and Brexiters.


An investigation is underway by the US DoJ over possible collusion of two major carriers over eSIM.

The FDA has published a Medical Device Safety Action Plan (PDF) that discusses possible actions to improve security of medical devices like MRI, and individual devices like insulin pumps or pacemakers.

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere is making a buzz in IoT security.

Audio versions of the sessions are here

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Event: Friday April 20th, 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 5 PM UK, 6 PM CEDT

LaunchCode offers the learning resources and job opportunities to help prepare and launch careers in technology. They provide courses, educational resources, career coaching, and mentorship to prospective LaunchCoders, 80% of whom begin without a computer science degree.

Daniel Fogarty, Director of Growth, and VP of Impact Haley Shoaf join us to talk about the their challenges and victories.

Audio version

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Event: Friday April 13th, 2018 at 12 Noon EDT, 5PM UK, 6PM CEDT

This week’s Vision comes from Emil Ivov, who received a Ph.D. degree while in the Network Research Team at the University of Strasbourg, France.  Emil is well-known for Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator), as well as other open source projects, such as ice4jjsipfmipv6.org and (less actively in) others.

In 2015, Atlassian acquired Blue Jimp, the mastermind team behind the Jitsi community. This is a quote from their news post:

“Jitsi is an open source project that includes the WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge, among other technologies. The Jitsi Videobridge relays video rather than mixing it which provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency. These are very good things.”

We talk to Emil while he’s at his walking desk! Topics, dramatic weight loss and the changes he made to achieve it. Randy wrote a book, Real Men Stay Fit: 101+ Simple Tips available at most Amazon stores. We also talk about privacy beyond Facebook and the invasion (or not) of smart home devices. How Google Lens kept insisting photos taken in Bordeaux were famous Paris landmarks. The usual suspects!

Audio version

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