Rethinking broadband and voice: Network Science and Hypervoice

Event: December 6th, 2013 at 12 Noon EST

MartinGeddesMartin Geddes joins us.
Telecoms is in the midst of two great transitions: the decline of telephony, and the rise of broadband. Both are triggering fundamental structural changes.

For telephony, the questions is “what’s next for voice-enabled applications?”. WebRTC brings voice and video into the browser, but where does this journey take is? Martin outlines his vision for “Hypervoice”, where voice itself becomes a new native hypermedium.

For broadband, there is a revolution in the transport of voice. Martin will take us back to basics: are we going about broadband the right way? Is ‘more bandwidth’ the answer? What needs to change if we do want to deliver great user experiences at low cost? He will outline some (controversial) answers that suggest we’re heading down a dead end and should consider a different technical and commercial approach.

Om Malik said, “Martin isn’t your analyst-as-usual, but instead can be counted on to bring big ideas to the table that can cause people to think differently, with insight into infrastructure, the impact of broadband on everything, and most importantly, thinking about connectedness.” A previous session with Martin Geddes last year can be found here. Follow Martin on Twitter: @MartinGeddes


Martin’s future conferences:

28th-29th November, Berlin – Future Seamless Communications Forum.
28th-31st January, Miami – IT Expo.
24th-27th February, Barcelona – Mobile World Congress.
3rd-5th March, San Francisco – eComm.
1st-2nd April, London – WebRTC Global Summit.
29th April-1st May, Barcelona – IMS World Forum.

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