Asterisk 1.4 Professionals Guide


Asterisk 1.4 the Professionals Guide by Colman Carpenter, David Duffett, Nik Middleton, and Ian Plain
asterisk14professionalsguideOne or more of the authors of this recent book on Asterisk will be with us to talk about a variety of related topics. This book represents the wisdom and thoughts of front line consultants. The knowledge they impart will prove informative, thought provoking and be of lasting interest to Asterisk professionals.

I’ve had a chance to look through the book, and I’d recommend that anyone who is serious about Asterisk read it as it addresses a lot of areas that have rarely been discussed in a single book.

Considerations about connecting to cellular networks, reflections on knowledge needed for running your own consulting business are just a couple of examples a new material I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Grabbing the list from one of the sites about the book, here are some examples of what’s to be found there:

What you will learn from this book?

* Master advanced dial plans, call routing considerations, and speech technologies.
* Learn all about AGI, AMI, ENUM, and DUNDi.
* Discover how to build an enterprise-scale Asterisk-based solution for mission-critical applications.
* Discover the DAHDI framework, and the way it replaces Zaptel.
* Understand how to apply localization and customization techniques in different territories.
* Learn how to interface Asterisk with analog and digital telephony systems, as well as wireless technologies.
* Appreciate what you need to do as an Asterisk professional when assessing customer needs, Quality of Service, pitching for business, and customer support.
* Understand best practices through example code and detailed commentary.


Great call, thanks to David and Nik!

IRC Transcript VUC 2009-09-25 The boys do shine in these quizzes!

Note: From “m: Provide Music on Hold to the calling party until the called channel answers. This is mutually exclusive with option ‘r’, obviously. Use m(class) to specify a class for the music on hold. “

Question: Dial()'m' argument
[7:18pm]Ottone: music on hold for dialtone
[7:18pm] kfife: music on hold class
[7:18pm] ricko73: moh?
[7:18pm] ssokol: music class
[7:18pm] Ottone: it is for "ringing tone"
[7:19pm] J-MN: shouldn't it be the looser gets the book,
    the winner doesn't need it but the looser does...

Port for AMI?
[7:23pm] _3vain: 5038
[7:23pm] ssokol: 5038
[7:23pm] ricko73: 42 <- heh
[7:23pm] Ottone: 5038

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