Astricon Meetup


We’re having a great time at Astricon, you guys should have come!

I had the pleasure of meeting Gui Vieiro the “lucky” winner of the AA50 at AstriCon. Gui recently introduced Asterisk into the IT environment. “We were a very traditional telecom team when I joined [his company] 2.5 years ago. Asterisk has enabled us to do things we could not previously do, and the AA50 you gave me will help me […] continue to find ways to create innovative telecom solutions. Welcome Gui and enjoy the AA50!

I keep forgetting to mention it, we have a VUC mailing list, look at this page to sign up or just go to the Google Group.

Now, excuse me but it’s party time!

Zeeek and Allison Smith, "Voice of Asterisk"

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