Aswath Rao: “Trapezoidal VoIP is Evil”


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IRC Transcript 2009-09-11


Official bio: “Aswath Rao has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications field, having worked for leading R&D firms. He has worked on ISDN, Frame Relay, BISDN, wireless and satellite communications. For the past 10 years he has been working on VoIP related issues. Long before intelligence at the end became acceptable, he advocated “functional terminals” in ISDN. His proposal for Inter Connect Function has been incorporated in the TIPHON architecture and currently it is known as Session Border Controller. He has developed ways to offer PSTN subscribers many of the features available to VoIP subscribers.”

Take a look at the Slides for today’s discussion

Articles of interest:

On HD Voice, on the supposed Death of VoIP

The En Thinnai project and Innovative Communication Devices

[audio:] [audio:]

S675IP and an A58H accessory handset giveaway

Thanks to Gigaset of North America, we had a new Gigaset wideband-capable SIP/DECT phone to give to a participant.

MaximCH was able to identify the singer as Patty Loveless, the song “Waitin’ for the Phone to Ring” and the album. Congrats, Maxim!

We will have another giveaway within a month.

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