freesentrallogoFreeSentral is a full IP PBX consisting of a Linux Distribution, an IP PBX and a Web Graphical User Interface for easy configuration.
Diana Cionoiu, of the yate project joins us to explain what Freesentral is all about.

FreeSentral is has three components :

  • The Yate telephony server program.
  • The Web server that provides the interface.
  • The database server that stores all information.

EvaristelogoAlso starting this week, we hope to introduce a new feature, possibly monthly, with Alex Balashov of Evariste Systems, a consultancy specialising in VoIP service delivery platform engineering, integration, and deployment for enterprises and service providers, including carriers and ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers). Alex has participated in the past and we’ve been discussing a feature that would take VoIP FAQ and toss them around for better understanding.

[audio:|titles=Freesentral with Diana Cionoiu] [audio:|titles=Taxes and tariffs – Alex Balashov and David Frankel]

IRC Transcript 2009-11-27


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