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[audio:http://media.blubrry.com/winelover/recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-22622/TS-211605.mp3|titles=April 17th 2009]

Randal Schwartz (FLOSS Weekly) chatted with us about paid support for Open Source software.

Steve Sokol joined us to talk about what this means to the community and to small, medium and large busines installations.

With Digium’s support subscriptions for open source Asterisk, enterprise developers and systems administrators can call on the expertise of the company that created Asterisk. Digium’s technical support team offers professional assistance with installation, configuration, and systems operation issues.

Digium’s blog has a post about this, and that sends you to the product page.

A lot more happened including discussion of Digium’s new free FAX channel that replaces drop in solutions such as SpanDSP and the eternal questions about SfA (Skype for Asterisk).

Note the name siptosis, unlike the similar word “halitosis” is pro-nounced “SIP 2 SIS”. These calls are educational!

IRC Transcript 2009-04-17

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