Gizmo5 and OpenSky with Michael Robertson



IRC Transcript 2009-04-03

I’ve been testing all the ways I can find to connect between phones and Skype. I happened to be testing OpenSky when I saw some posts from Michael Robertson on the asterisk-users mailing list. As I exchanged a few emails with Michael, I realized he had been a founder of and well as Gizmo5.

He was generous enough with his time to spend a full hour (on a cellphone!) answering questions and sharing thoughts about the various SIP to Skype solutions, including Digium’s Skype for Asterisk, Gizmo’s OpenSky and Skype’s SIP for Skype which Michael calls vaporware.

Post conference chat, aka “Cognac”

The post conference has discussions about the expectation that all services should be free with David Frankel of Randal Schwartz from FLOSS Weekly and the regular gang. Due to some problems with Talkshoe, various audio sources are used so you can hear what different phones sound like.


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