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Part I: [audio:]

IRC Transcript 2009-04-10

If you’re into telephony whether for business or pleasure, you need to know more about the service Google finally rolled out. I’ve been testing it for the past few weeks (along with Gizmo5) and I hope others will bring their input, too. The current version features groups, with separate vmail announcement messages for each group (and even for each person). It can screen calls, send you an email transcript, record calls, allow you to listen to incoming vmails, send an SMS alert, etc. Your incoming calls on your lifetime number can be routed to any number of phones, cells, Gizmo accounts and even… GTalk.

Part II: [audio:]

Try the web click 2 call. Enter a name and your phone number:

The name will be read to me if I’m listening in. Or, try to leave a message and let’s see what the transcription looks like!

We also talked about a call I was on where a deaf person spoke with several people by using sign language to an interpreter through his webcam and the interpreter skpoke the words to us on Talkshoe. Amazing! He was using which is apparently a free service.

Check out the voipusersconference Delicious bookmarks page for more related to each session.

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