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Jim Van Meggelen

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Jim Van Meggelen is one of the author’s of O’Reilly’s Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, and an old school PBX guy. Jim is probably a bit of a masochist, which would explain why he got into the telecom business in the first place, and why he now loves Asterisk. Jim is pretty friendly, kinda like a puppy that gets your shoes dirty. His enthusiasm is infectious, but also a little bit frightening if you stand too close. Jim is a partner in Core Telecom Innovations, a recognized leader in the Asterisk Telephony Revolution, and iConverged Inc. He lives in Toronto with his wife and three kids, and loves writing, photography, speaking, improv, choral singing, and old shoes.

Jim will talk about building an embedded-like system using x86 hardware (Intel Atom Mini-ITX) and a stock Linux distro for well under $1000, including FX cards with hardware echo cancellation — this is a great way to build a system that’s almost like an embedded system, but with much less software complexity or incompatibility.

IRC TRanscript 2009-05-29

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