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IRC Transcript 2009-03-27

SIP hacking has escalated and there was a wave of it in recent times. John Todd published a simple common sense set of rules that are worth reading. One of the main risk areas is using user names and secrets that are too easy to guess (such as extension 200, username=2000,password=wakeme).

More on SIP for Skype etc. That looks like it will be an ongiung discussion. See the session with Michael Robertson above.

We briefly reviewed a new book called Asterisk Gateway Interface 1.4 and 1.6 Programming. John Todd and /me have both been looking at it and we both think it looks good. Since the discussion, I’ve read more of it and I will talk more about it in a future session.

Amazon link (beer money!)
Asterisk Gateway Interface 1.4 and 1.6 Programming

We also mentioned AMOOCON where we can meet up for those of you who will be in Europe or are already there. I will be presenting two papers, one on VoicePHP and one on the VoIP community and various social networking tools.

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