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Today we talked about the EXPERIMENTAL link using Skype for Asterisk (SfA for short). The more we use SfA, the more the Skype people will see that we the Asterisk community are serious about it.

The whole thing began as a phone call made by Tim P. to my Skype number. I almost never have Skype on but the number is forwarded via Gizmo5 to my phone, so when I heard it ring and saw the Skype ID, I realized the call was going through a bunch of servers and trancodings. The quality of that call was striking: total silence when no one was speaking (the equivalent of very black on an LCD display) and very good quality audio with a comfortably small latency. The call lasted at least 30 minutes, too and remaind of good quality.

So, we had at least 6 people called in via Skype from the USA, Israel, Barbados and the UK. The quality varied with the number of channels in use and time, but it was pretty good by and large.In fact, the quality when there was no packets dropped sounded good, even though it was g711.

IRC Text Transcript 2009-06-12

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