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Event: Additional info October 1st, 2010

There’s no way to do this without spenging the entire morning on it, so here without further apology, are the links pasted into the IRC channel #vuc on THese links are related to all three subjects for Friday October 1st, 2010.

Voipsa, Voipsec, J. Oquendo’s work on VoIP Abuse Project

Randall Schwartz: snort has asterisk rules
artemisa is the other honeypot i was speaking of
SIP Bastion host paper

Tropo AGItate
@Tropo can now speak AGI over TCP to any FastAGI server, including Adhearsion, PHPAGI, Asterisk-Java, etc! –
@Tropo AGItate is open source and now on @GitHub
@randal gonna whip this up during the course of the day and script it to keep it updated

Schmoozecom and Pbxact

Schmoozecom is giving away an Aastra 6739i this afternoon.
Calling the VoIP Users Conference with PBXact  —
Going back.. here is the screen while programming

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