Dan York’s 7 Deadliest UC Attacks

Event: Friday May 21st, 2010 at 1 PM EDT

Dan York’s name is certainly familiar to you if you’re a fan of VoIP. He has made a video to explain why he wrote this book. Dan’s credentials are strong and he’s an active community member. You’ve seen him in airports between conferences, or even at one of those Voxeo events.

Dan’s blog (perhaps we should say one of his many blogs) is Disruptive Telephony. Dan can be found on Twitter as @DanYork and he’s on Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Finding those links is left as an exercise for the enthusiastic student. 🙂

While I’m not sure what his current role there is, Dan is a part of another effort you should know about, the VoIP Security Alliance aka VOIPSA where he writes on the VOIPSA blog.

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