Acme Packet On Session Border Controllers

Event: Friday, June 18th @ 12 Noon EDT

Friday June 18th we will be extending our recent trend in discussing matters of VoIP security.  This call will feature Ken Kuenzel from Acme Packet. Acme Packet are the leading provider of “Session Border Controllers,” aka SBCs.

What’s an SBC? What does it do?  So glad you asked…as that’s just what we aim to find out on Friday!  Acme has uploaded a slide presentation to follow while listening.

In the mean time, and for the very curious among you, Acme Packet has some great background on the topic amongst their online articles and presentations.

Yes, there’s homework!

Acme products: session border controllers (SBC), session-aware load balancers (SLB), multiservice security gateways (MSG) and session routing proxies (SRP)—operate Acme Packet Net-Net OS.

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