VoIP and Tell – Big Geeks Talking

Event: October 10, 2010 12 Noon

A small sample of topics covered:

FCC ruling about warning customers when they are going over their limits to avoid “bill shock”.

Mobile technologies, what are they about? GSM, GPRS, UTMS, HSPDA, CDMA, 3g, 4g?

Challenges of developing for OS X and why betas begin life for Windows only (such as Skype 5).

Remember pagers (beepers)? Remember heavy brick cell phones.

Wimax technology.

Wikipedia: As a standard intended to satisfy needs of next-generation data networks (4G), WiMAX is distinguished by its dynamic burst algorithm modulation adaptive to the physical environment the RF signal travels through. Modulation is chosen to be more spectrally efficient (more bits per OFDM/SOFDMA symbol). That is, when the bursts have a high signal strength and a high carrier to noise plus interference ratio (CINR), they can be more easily decoded using digital signal processing (DSP). In contrast, operating in less favorable environments for RF communication, the system automatically steps down to a more robust mode (burst profile) which means fewer bits per OFDM/SOFDMA symbol; with the advantage that power per bit is higher and therefore simpler accurate signal processing can be performed.

I’m more confused than before.

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