Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9

Event: February 5th, 2010

The VPN topic will be of interest to all on the VUC so we’re inviting Markus Feilner, author of “Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9“.

Two copies of this book to give away today

The following is from the preface of the book, co-authored by Norbert Graf:
OpenVPN is an outstanding piece of software that was invented by James Yonan in the year 2001 and has steadily been improved since then. No other VPN solution offers a comparable mixture of enterprise-level security, usability, and feature richness. We have been working with OpenVPN for many years now, and it has always proven to be the best solution. This book is intended to introduce OpenVPN software to network specialists and VPN newbies alike. OpenVPN works where most other solutions fail and exists on almost any platform. Thus, it is an ideal solution for problematic setups and an easy approach for the inexperienced.
On the other hand, the complexity of classic VPN solutions, especially IPsec, gives the impression that VPN technology in general is difficult and a topic only for very experienced (network and security) specialists. OpenVPN proves that this can be different, and this book aims to document that.
I want to provide both a concise description of OpenVPN’s features and an easy-to-understand introduction for the inexperienced. Though there may be many other possible ways to success in the scenarios described, the ones presented have been tested in many setups and have been selected for simplicity reasons.
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Links mentioned in IRC Feb 5, 2010
[6:19pm] NerdUno: Here are some good OpenVPN tutorials:
[6:21pm] steely_glint: ecrist -
[6:31pm] ecrist: Why TCP Over TCP Is A Bad Idea:
[6:32pm] kfife:
[6:34pm] Zeeek:
[6:40pm] mfeilner:
[6:41pm] mfeilner:
[6:42pm] mfeilner:
[6:43pm] mfeilner:

[7:39pm] Skibum: BTW more info on Bria 3 is available at:
[8:00pm] mjgraves:
[8:21pm] JimCifarelli:

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