Cloud Computing For the VoIP-ish

Event: Friday November 5th, 2010

Panel discussion on the topic of cloud computing, with several experienced players in this field.  We aim to start with some basics about cloud computing, then explore its various uses, including telecom applications.

Guests with cloud-related experience include:

  • Eric Chamberlain, Founder of, presenter to Astricon 2009 on running Asterisk in the Amazon Cloud
  • Jason Goecke, Creator of the Adhearsion Ruby framework for Asterisk, representing the Tropo service offered by Voxeo.
  • Greg Weidenhammer, VUC regular, works for HP on massive scale systems
  • Tim Higgins, Publisher of Small Net Builder and the new site Small Cloud Builder
  • Aretta Communications*, Provider of virtualized Asterisk services

*participation not yet confirmed

Readwriteweb has a list of interesting podcasts about cloudcomputing.

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Zeeek/Randulo November 5, 2010 at 9:13 am

We’ve just computed some averages for the following CDN:
Amazon Cloudfront (USA, Europe, Asia), Akamai (resold) and Rackspace Cloud Files

45 samples from Asia, Australia, USA, Europe show the following average download rates:

673 Rackspace CloudFiles
439 CF USA
433 Akamai
432 CF EU
391 CF Asia – (expected, most samples were NOT in Asia)

We will have many more samples to add next week

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