Android gets Bria. Presence Detection patent

Event: Friday October 22, 2010

Double innovation, two topics this week as Counterpath has two big stories. Todd Carothers, VP Product Management and Mike Doyle, VP Technology will be on board to tell us more about these two developments and to answer your questions.

Counterpath was granted a patent (# 7,809,381,) for presence detection in mobile and fixed broadband networks.

By providing applications with a graceful way to automatically select the best network connection based on the user’s location, the patented mechanism enables services such as least-cost routing and minimizes dropped calls by streamlining the process of transferring calls from the cellular macro network to Wi-Fi or a femtocell.

The new patent announced today leverages these two patents to enable the delivery of the voice and data services based on the end user’s location. For example, when a person moves from a mobile network into an IP-based network – such as one in a home or office – the combination of these three patented mechanisms allows the home or office phone to automatically assume the user’s mobile identity, or mobile phone ID. When the user leaves the home or office environment, the phone is seamlessly disconnected from the mobile identity and moved back to the mobile network.

Counterpath Bria for Android

Compatible with any smartphone running Android V2.1 or later, Bria Android Edition’s features include:

    -   Support on any SIP-compliant server to enable rapid implementation
    -   Multi-tasking support for background operation, such as fielding
        incoming calls while using other applications
    -   Automatic codec selection to ensure optimal call quality
    -   Deskphone-class options such as rejecting, holding, forwarding,
        merging and splitting calls, as well as attended and unattended
    -   A detailed call history pane that displays dialed, answered and
        missed calls, along with ability to delete entries
    -   Advanced security settings, including audio encryption
    -   NAT traversal to balance security and ease-of-use
    -   The ability to work with the native dialer
    -   Integration of user contacts stored on the device
    -   Voicemail
    -   Optional customized branding for graphic assets and SIP settings
        available for enterprises and telephony providers.

Many VUC members are testing the beta now and they will be able to interface with the Counterpath folks during this call.

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