Geons 0.4.0 with Alistair Cunningham

Event: Friday July 2nd, 2010

Integrics is the creator of Enswitch, a complete highly scalable and redundant integrated solution for commercial telephony services such as hosted PBX, ITSP, SIP trunking, and calling cards. It’s also the creator of Geons, a new project for distributed enterprise applications such as distributed PBX. Integrics CEO Alistair Cunningham will be talking about these products, building highly scalable systems using Asterisk and OpenSIPS, and answering your questions.

Geons 0.4.0.
This is the first version for public release. It comprises geond (the server), the web interface, and the basis of a distributed PBX system. For more details, including links to download and installation instructions, please see this page.

Geons is a suite of software for distributed enterprise applications. Geons applications:

  • Are highly scalable, supporting millions of users.
  • Can be geographically distributed across thousands of sites.
  • Are fault tolerant, including geographical redundancy.
  • Support disconnected operation, where a site is temporarily disconnected from the rest of the network.
  • Are highly customizable. All templates can be edited and properties added, changed, or removed.
  • Are extensible. New templates can be added to create new applications and enhance existing ones.
  • Can be integrated with other software using an open XML based protocol.
  • Are secure, with full flexible access control lists (ACLs) for all objects.

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