HD Voice Nova Trial

Event: Friday June 11th

Dan Berninger joins us for an update on what this is about:

HD Voice Enabling Email Addresses Via a SIP VoIP Nova Server

Voice enabling the world’s two billion email addresses offers a way to end VoIP’s unhappy reliance on telephone network interconnection. Building an on-ramp to the PSTN falls far short of the promise motivating my decision to leave Bell Laboratories for VoIP pioneer Vocaltec Communications in 1996. Realizing that original promise requires revisiting the logic making telephone numbers the default address space for VoIP.

The Nova concept leverages existing open standards, devices, and off-the-shelf SIP conference servers as a starting point. There will be a need for purpose built Nova server software, devices unburdened by legacy features, and standards if the concept gains traction. The overall approach revolves around removing the proprietary bottlenecks preventing innovation. As the presently dominant and proprietary VoIP offer, Skype represents the new AOL in this context.

You can try the system at SiptoSip and read the white paper.

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