The Changing Role of Session Border Controllers

Event: ☺ July 16th, 2010 (not June as I say on recording!)

Guests: Steven Johnson, President and Product Support Director Scott Beer of Ingate Systems AB, a Stockholm, Sweden based high-tech company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets data communications products for trusted Unified Communications. Ingate designed the world’s first Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-capable firewalls and SIParators, products that enable Unified Communications over the Internet.

The Ingate SIParator® is a device that connects to an existing firewall to seamlessly allow the traversal of SIP-based communications. Ingate SIParators are compatible with all existing firewalls and operating systems.

The Changing Role of Session Border Controllers:  Ingate’s SIP-capable E-SBCs protect and enable SIP networks worldwide.  E-SBCs used to just serve a primary role of security.

We will be discussing the following pooints:

– Talk about the security role E-SBCs play.  One question many people ask us is, “Why have an E-SBC in a SIP trunk deployment if the service provider is taking on security?”  There is an excellent answer to this, one that every end-user needs to know.

– Address common security mistakes we see in SIP implementations.

– Discuss how E-SBCs enable SIP trunking and other SIP-based applications, like video, citing case studies

– Talk about Unified Communications.

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