IPv6: What You Need to Know Now

Event: November 26th at 12 Noon EST

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol (IP) address standard intended to supplement, and eventually replace, the IPv4 protocol most Internet services use today. To help ensure the continued rapid growth of the Internet as a platform for innovation, IPv6 tackles some of IPv4’s shortcomings – most notably a limited amount of remaining addresses. While the technical foundations of IPv6 are well established, significant work remains to deploy and begin using IPv6 capabilities.

Olle Johansson will be joining us to describe the state of the migration to IP v6 in VoIP-dom. Olle (@oej) needs no introduction. His company, Edvina was founded in 1987. Since then, they’ve promoted open standards, for networking, for application integration and for software. Olle is a pillar of our community and an outspoken critic of all that stands in the way of progress in his areas of expertise.

Proposed Issues on the discussion agenda
– IPv6 – how to get it into your network today
– VoIP and IPv6 – why is this a good marriage?
– Experiences from Asterisk 1.8 IPv6 support
– Living in a dual stack world
– Dual stack considered bad for VoIP?
– Implementations out there – a call for help? Which devices used in the VUC community supports IPv6? Any experiences?
– Setting up a VUC IPv6 testbed
– Follow-up call planning – monitoring the IPv6 migration process in the VUC community.

Olle is a born leader, but he wants YOU to stand up now and lead the rest of the world into IPv6!

“Get IPv6 up and running in your networks and learn how it works. It’s not rocket science but it’s neither exactly the same as IPv4 either. Let’s explore these unknown territories, let’s boldly go where no VUCer has gone before.”

Zeeek: “I’ve been a lot of places, but I’ve never been to IPv6!”

Some reference material:

Wikipedia on IPv6 – Pretty good article for the basic motivations and implementation info

IPv6 Act Now – News, interviews, forum…

The IPv6 Portal – organized by roles: press, user, developers…

IPv6 Forum – Deploying a cute IPv4 depletion counter

Article from the year 2000

Making room for the next billion users – IPv6 Internet Society

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