Links from October 22, 2010


[6:23pm] Alok_: correction –
[6:27pm] mhill:
[6:28pm] maximCH:
[6:31pm] DelphiWorld: and other VoIp and ITSP providers to ofer sms over sip
[6:38pm] jtodd: Sounds like this patent:
[6:39pm] mjgraves: UMA =
[7:16pm] JDBalogh: I wonder how it compares with that was doing this 4 years ago?
[7:21pm] JDBalogh:
[7:23pm] Zeeek:
[7:30pm] dhartman:
[7:40pm] televoip:
[7:40pm] maximCH:
[8:24pm] Zeeek:
[8:42pm] JDBalogh: kfife:
[8:43pm] JDBalogh: If the supply is 5V and you have 802.3af, use this:
[8:47pm] JDBalogh: kfife: 5V at 3A according to
[9:10pm] dhartman: <– if you want a live ISO for testing Asterisk 1.8.0
[10:29pm] p3nguin: zeeek: If you know who the person is, you can always send them something from this site:
[11:20pm] leifmadsen:
[11:28pm] ILNetGuy:
[11:46pm] GregW__: Amazon EC3 Free Tier for one year
[11:49pm] Zeeek:

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