Russell Bryant Q & A (and more)

Event: Friday Aug 20th, 2010

With everything up in the air, we weren’t sure they’d be a session, but I arrived back in time, so I should be there to talk about whatever anyone brings up.

By a bit of good luck, Russell Bryant stopped by and shared a lot of interesting details and answered question about what’s new with Asterisk. Russell is Engineering Manager for the Open Source Software team.

We later got into talking about the 3G used, unlocked and jailbroken iPhone I bought in the USA and broght back to Europe without knowing how it would work. I was saying that in California, the iPhone showed my location to withjin feet without data or wifi connection, as long as the map was already loaded (using wifi at home). That brought us to GPS and how it works. Here in France, the location it finds is much less accurate.

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