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Event: 12 Noon EST Friday November 12, 2010

Phono, a new JavaScript library that allows you to build voice and chat/IM applications directly in a web browser, was announced October 16, 2010, at the JQuery Conference in Boston, by Voxeo Labs. What is phono?   A lot more info can be found here on the Phono Blog if you want to cut to the chase and see code snippets, and some inside views of what can do.  The Voxeo team unveiled Phono just a few weeks ago. Phono is an open-source SDK to embed telephones and instant messaging services in your web pages. With Phono, you can (among other things) add click-to-call buttons to your call center or your applications hosted on one of Voxeo’s platforms (and you will eventually be able to host your own server-side infrastructure soon).

Download phono

We added the WordPress Plugin at the right in 30 seconds! It allows your visitors to make phones calls right from your pages. A headset is recommended if you want to actually call in to the VUC during our Friday conference with Chris Matthieu. If you run WordPress, go to Plugins, enter “Wordphone” in the search and install away!

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