Live from Rostock, It’s Friday Night with the VUC


Will the wifi hold up? We’ll see on Friday when we try this live version of the VUC at the usual time.

AMOOCON 2010 will, as always, be interesting and fun in and of itself. It’s great to meet people in person and talk about what they’re doing.

We’ll be talking to the people who offer Blink, a free OS X g722-capable SIP client (and much more) and longtime VUC regular Tim Panton, who among other things is the reason we can connect to the VoIP Users Conference  via Skype. The Skype bridge is provided by

Blink is offered by AG Projects. Read more info about Blink. or download it here. AG Projects CEO, Adrian Georgescu was our guest in previous sessions. Phone from Here’s Tim Panton was recently involved in the “Telephony Island Adventure“.

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Zeeek/Randulo June 10, 2010 at 11:42 am

#FAIL on the wifi, we connected briefly using Skyp over 3g, but for VoIP geeks, that’s pretty much cheating

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