SIP Hacks: who should filter what, where?

Event: Part 3, Friday May 21st, 2010

Among others, Ward Mundy (Nerd Vittles, our guest next week) and many of the VUC regulars join in this violent argument civil discussion about who is responsible for filtering, where it should take place and the how and why of their ideas on the subject.

If you’re into SIP technology, you’ll want to hear this discussion about who should protect people from SIP “CallerID stuffing” among Ward Mundy, Fred Posner (VoIP Tech Chat), Tim Panton, Karl Fife, Leif Madsen and the rest of the great gang of VoIP regulars. This is why you need to join us LIVE every Friday!

Programmers differ enormously over who should filter incoming data and where. There is no right answer, although the main point is to protect your users against whatever possible attacks might come through your system or pbx.

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