SIP Sorcery: A Free SIP Aggregator

Event: Friday, June 25th, 2010 @ 12 Noon EDT

This Friday we will be joined by Aaron Clauson, the creator of SIP Sorcery. SIP Sorcery started out life known as My SIP Switch. Aaron describes SIP Sorcery as a SIP service aggregator. It’s a free service that acts on SIP signaling to allow users to combine various SIP service providers and devices without requiring a PBX.

Aaron’s experience running the service is especially interesting. He started the service using a physical host, then as the service grew he migrated to Amazon’s EC2. It’s operation on EC2 was less than ideal so he migrated to Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based hosting service. My understanding is that he’s in the process of making another migration as well as launching a new service called the SIP Sorcery Switchboard.

Oh yes, SIP Sorcery is an open source project. While most users rely upon the host that Aaron provides, the source code is readily available and some user run their own local instance of the software.

Aaron will be joining the call from his home in Tasmania, which means that it’ll be in the middle of his night! Yep, he’s a guy who writes code at night. He should fit right in with the VUC regulars.

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