SIPVicious and Adhearsion

Event: Part 2: Friday June 25, 2010

Both SIPVicious and Adhearsion have announcements to make. Sandro joins us to explain “svcrash”, a new addition to the tool kit to stop attacks when they happen:

A new tool has been added to SIPVicious – As the name implies, it crashes something – and This tool is meant to be used by system administrators and organizations that are receiving unauthorized scans on their exposed IP PBX.

Ben joins us to give some details about the evolution of Adhearsion which has had a recent version release:

This release marks the continuation of the platform with some major enhancements and bugfixes:

  • Support for Asterisk 1.6 (continued backward compatibility with Asterisk 1.4)
  • Added support for ActiveLDAP
  • ActiveRecord now works properly with Adhearsion components
  • Daemonizing of Adhearsion no longer truncates log files
  • Escape commands sent to Asterisk via AGI
  • Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) events now work when daemonized
  • Various enhancements for improved Asterisk 1.6 support
  • Various bugfixes

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