Suzanne Bowen of SuperTec and DIDx

Event: Friday December 3, 2010

Suzanne Bowen, @SuzanneBowen, VP of Super Technologies will be joining us to share a conversation on how an ex-English teacher and fitness instructor switched to a career in IP communications and social business networking and media. We’ll also be talking about one of the SuperTec companies, DIDx and the future of VoIP. (DIDx is well-known on the asterisk-biz list, among other places)
Super Technologies was co-founded by Suzanne and CEO Rehan Allahwala in 1999. Since then, with an international team of developers, technical support and salespeople, they have connected over 18,000 wholesale telecom-related companies to buy and/or sell SIP DID and trunking. Over half of these companies are using completely open source applications.
Some of the products from SuperTec companies are highlighted on this page. More about Suzanne on Crunchbase and Linkedin.

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