Introducing AGItate – Asterisk AGI on Tropo

Event: Oct 1st, 2010 at 1 PM EDT

Tropo Announces AGItateFrom Jason Goecke’s blog post – read the whole post here on the Tropo blog. Jason made the announcement to the world about this new project on the VoIP Users Conference!

“We have decided to take it a step further and created a Tropo Scripting application that turns Tropo into a giant Asterisk application platform in the cloud.   You can now run just about any Asterisk AGI application on Tropo.

Tropo AGItate was started on the Nerd Bird (good to have in-flight WiFi) from San Jose to Austin, on my way to LoneStar Ruby Conference. Jim Freeze – the organizer of LSRC – had recently been to AdhearsionConf in San Francisco; I wanted to be able to show something extra special during my talk there. On that one flight, I was able to get the basics working and show Tropo emitting AGI during my talk, just like that. (For those non-Asterisk folks out there, AGI is an API that lets external applications connect in to Asterisk and fully control it).”

Key points:

  • Tropo can now speak AGI over TCP to any FastAGI server, including Adhearsion, PHPAGI, Asterisk-Java, etc.
  • A long list of Asterisk commands are supported, and of course all the Tropo ones.
  • While the script is written in Ruby, no Ruby knowledge is necessary to use it. Just point your Tropo application to the Ruby script on Github, upload a configuration file via FTP or WebDAV to your Tropo account, and you are ready.
  • Full support of Tropo Speech-Synthesis (TTS) and Speech-Recognition (ASR), but also for Asterisk sound files. Yes, tt-monkeys works!
  • Fail over to a SIP URI, in case your FastAGI server does not respond. This could be to another Tropo application, another Asterisk box, or anything that supports SIP.
  • You get all of the Tropo channels over AGI, including SMS, Instant Messaging and Twitter, all using the same application.
  • Support for custom SIP Headers in and out of Tropo.

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