VUC 2010 Holiday Gigaset Giveaway


Congratulations to wolrah, our winner!

As we approach the US Thanksgiving holiday we are given pause to reflect upon our many blessings. While many of us exist in a wideband realm where clarity of voice leads to universal understanding, there remain a great many who suffer through the narrowband reality of the past. These poor folk suffer not only a startling lack of clarity, they are typically tethered, bound to their toil by wires.

Gigaset Communications aims to give a hand to some poor unfortunate soul, bestowing upon them the gift of clarity*. This gift takes the form of a Gigaset S675IP SIP/DECT starter system. To further aid in the mobility of the downtrodden they also offer the S79H expansion handset, enhancing the basic set.

These tools, HDSP capable…or HDVoice capable for the followers of Plcm….promise to uplift up their users with both clarity of voice and mobility of action. Such outstanding clarity that they might understand The Words.

However, such clarity will not be bestowed upon the idle or laggard. It will be granted only to the one who proves themselves most worthy at the appointed time. A question will be asked. These gifts will be given to one of those who answer the question correctly.

Look to the mailing list. Watch for the signs. Then be on the call Friday, November 26th.

*For regulatory reasons this offer is restricted to North American listeners only.

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