When Clouds Collide

Event: December 17th, 2010

Cloud based telephony is becoming a ubiquitous new frontier of development for companies in this space. Recently, a blog post called “Why choose Tropo over Twilio” written by Tropo’s Chief Technology Evangelist (and Voxeo Co-Founder), Johnny Diggz, hit the front page of Hacker news over the weekend.

Comments on the new site erupted to a level just short of a flame war between the “super-angel” backed startup, Twilio, and Voxeo/Tropo.  Diggz will be joining VoIP Users Conference to talk about his role in this battle for the hearts and minds of a new wave of developers in cloud-based telephony.

More about Tropo

Twilio’s Evan Cooke responded to our (sorry, belated, my bad) invitation and talks about Twilio.

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Andrew Watson December 17, 2010 at 4:24 pm

I made a comment on that post but because comments are moderated, it will never be posted.

Here’s what I posted:

1. I’d like to see you provide a link to the quote from Danielle about not keeping up with Tropo features. That smacks of being taken out of context.

2. Real businesses have been and will continue to be deployed on Twilio. GroupMe just launched and cauth the attention of a lot of people – built on Twilio – just to provide one example.

3. Twilio gives you $30 of credit to get started developing when you sign up for an account. Even when you exhaust the $30 it’s not exactly expensive. Twilio support is also very well done and your questions are answered by people who know the system inside and out.

4. “Twilio’s service is based on Asterisk, a free and open source telephony framework ad runs on Amazon’s EC2 network.”

Firstly, typo.

Secondly, the Twilio team have put an enormous amount of work into building a dynamic, scalable platform that works extremely well.

5. I’m not sure how you could claim Twilio’s API is not “unified”. There’s only one endpoint and only one set of verbs. Yes, you use different API methods to create SMS vs phone calls. Does that make it “not unified”?

I’m not a Twilio employee, just a developer that has built a number of products on their platform. I assume by your statements about bias that you are a Tropo employee?

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