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Lots of interesting features separate this from the usual large social networks. The first one is hangouts, ad hoc video conferences between 2 to 10 people. They work very well, have low lag (hi Karl) and are available with a single click. (Well, then you do have to maybe check your audio and video settings). Hangouts are both fun and functional. So much has been written about G+, we do not need to go into a tutorial here. I (randulo zeeek) just wanted to give you our take on it, I think it’s great and that you should try it and see whether it works for you.The idea is to look at who “VoIPusers Conference” has in its circles because it is only following people who have some connection with VoIP, telephony, etc. If you are on G+ and not in a VUC circle, let us know by sharing a post with +VoipUsers Conference. You can do this privately on G+ by sharing with just one name:

You can then see who is in VoipUsers circles by going to the Profile Page

Important note: Before you write to VoIPusers Conference on G+, please make sure you have a profile with some info in the about section. Of special interest to us is that we look to see if there’s a VoIP element to what you do or in your interests. We also look at your posts and see what you’re talking about. Make it easy for us to tell you’re into voip and hey, why not mention the VoIP Users Conference or VoIP & Tell if you regularly participate, even as a listener?

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