Astricon 2011

Event: October 25-27, 2011

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How can I list the names of everyone I met and enjoyed hanging with? Here are a few but I know I’m forgetting many: Allison, Andrew, Ant, Barry, Ben, Dave, David, Eric, Evan, Jacinda, John, Julie, Mark x 3, Michael x 2, Nir, Rebecca,  Tristan…

Would you buy a used PBX from these guys?

Astricon Photo

One last look at the snowy landscape of Westminster. Friday, many lucky souls had a 3:30AM shuttle to the airport. My own trip will be “easy”: Up at 5:45AM, finish packing get the 6:30 AM shuttle. Then about 21 hours of straight travel joys, security checks, shoes on and off, in and out of three aircraft and finally a mercifully short ride home. Door to door, about 24 hours. See you next year.

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