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Just as I went to my banking site to lodge a complaint about these issues, has issued a full refund. I thank them for listening to reason and I hope this incident helps them deal with the public in a more open way.

Having opened an account in order to collect payments from overseas customers without sending checks back and forth over the Atlantic, I was asked to a pay a $120 setup charge and was immediately billed for the monthly gateway fee of $20. While I was attempting to set up a merchant processor, a month went by and I was billed another $20. It turned out to not be possible to get a merchat account because of my lack of a credit history, so the account is useless to me.

I called and spoke to a few sales people about a refund. I wanted to record the call, but after the person I spoke to said (live) “we may record this call for quality assurance” I said I also am recording it. She then said, I will have to disconnect, then. provided absolutely no service to me during the five weeks I had this account open. At first they claimed there were transactions on it, but as I told them that was me doing one test. I could have left a trial account open for a bit. The trial account is free. The point is that in good faith, could simply fully refund my money as I will not be able to use their service. They are claiming that it is not their policy to refund. I say, “refund in good faith” in this case, your “policy” shouldn’t apply. There is no reason should be keeping money they didn’t work to earn, is there?


MIke White June 25, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Did you use a credit card to make the deposit? if so dispute the charges.

Zeeek/Randulo June 25, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Since is owned by VISA and I paid on VISA, I’m not sure that’ll work but I suppose I should try. The problem is, you sign an agreement with and it probably contains a clause that says “non refundable”. I’m fighting the concept, but the law may not be on my side. I’m thinking companies, who have ther same rights as people in the eyes of the law, could act like people and show good faith. Stupid idea, isn’t it?

Mike, I’m pretty sure that if someone requested a frefund from you, and you had the huge financial resources of, you’d give them the benefit of the doubt. That’s all I’m asking them to do, but they’re acting like assholes. Companies can do that, you know.

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