AG Projects: Blink and SylkServer

Event: Friday, February 18th at 12 Noon EST

For those who adore SIP, open standards and open source, join us and meet AG Projects team, the makers of Blink and hear about the project, its inception and its future. Our guests are Adrian Georgescu, Dan Pascu and Saul Ibarra. These folks have done great things in the past, and we’re anxious to hear more about their latest work.

Adrian Georgescu, AG Projects founder and CEO, calls Blink “the new kid on the block” among SIP clients. Launched just one year ago, it managed to become for many in a short period of time their favorite SIP client on the Mac and now effort is underway to provide the same cool experience on Windows and Linux. Blink differentiates itself from its competitors by a generous feature set: g722 wide-band Audio from day one, File Transfer, Instant Messaging and Desktop Sharing, all those cool things SIP was all about, yet everyone stopped at VoIP. The lack of dial-pad also stirred some waters, it was the first soft phone to say goodbye to the classic dial-pad, a telephony oriented interface and offer instead a productivity oriented contacts driven interface. AG Projects has launched this month SylkServer, an open source product that complements all Blink features on the server side, and the two of them can provide now a Skype like multi-party conference experience by using pure SIP. With an impressive roadmap, proven capabilities and real customers behind, can AG Projects now make a difference in the crowded space of SIP and VoIP?

SylkServer allows creation and delivery of rich multimedia applications accessed by SIP User Agents. The server supports SIP signaling over TLS, TCP and UDP transports, RTP and MSRP media planes, has built in capabilities for creating ad-hoc SIP multimedia conferences with HD Audio, IM and File Transfer and can be easily extended with other applications by using Python language.

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Warmbowski February 16, 2011 at 6:18 am

Horray! Can’t wait to hear about Sylkserver and Some of the things on the roadmap for Blink (like video)! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Blink (on both Mac and Windows). I can’t wait for the Windows version to come up to the level of features that the Mac version has. I also want to hear any detail about their plans for their coming mobile (iphone/ipad?) version.

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