Brough Turner On Broadband

Event: Friday December 9th at 12 Noon EST

We’ll be joined by Brough Turner to have a discussion on issues of broadband. Mr Turner has had a long history in telecom and network engineering. He’s currently at Netblazr Inc, a company which he founded, and which he describes as “a radically new form of wireless ISP.” You can find a more detailed bio on his blog.

Netblazr was one of the companies highlighted in StartupCamp4 Comms Edition at ITExpo West 2011. We will surely discuss Netblazr and what makes it special.

As the US federal governments “super-committee” just recently wound down the matter of spectrum use, licensing, auctions, etc has been more and more in the public eye. Brough recently posted a very interesting perspective on spectrum concerns called, “Valuing the white spaces above 3 GHz.”

All of this should make Friday’s VUC call very interesting indeed.

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