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Event: Friday, February 11th at 12 Noon EST

Much dust has been raised on VUC about all the ways to share video. This week, since our schedule was blurred by weather and other factors, the LifeSize conference has been put off until Feb 18th at the earliest. If you haven’t installed Lifesize yet, I recommend putting it off since the license, a $199 retail item, can be used in trial mode for 30 days only. Conferencing in the Hollywood Squares mode is one way to share video, but the broadcast model is something else entirely. Between now and then, I decided to revive the old Mogulus channel from the “Asterisk Users Conference” days. Mogulus became Livestream, and the product has matured considerably over the couple of years. You may recall our initial tests in 2007 with Mark Spencer. One of the interesting things about Livestream is that it is a very good presentation tool. If VUC guests, such as Voxeo’s Dan York have slides or desktops to show, this is an excellent way to go. Their presentation tool, Procaster (above, presenter and slides on one screen) is available free for Windows and OS X, as is the now ubiquitous Flash app that transmits the video and audio streams. The producer of the conference then can select who has center stage.  Livestream also has a backpack video production unit called the Livepack that uses 3G/EVDO to transmit from anywhere that has coverage for these services. (see diagram below: six 3G modems!) But I digress, as usual. First, I’d like to propose a toast. Then I propose a test of Livestream this Friday. No, it isn’t SIP and it isn’t open, but Livestream is a great way for our guests to present their products and services, and I hope some of them will do this soon. Sign up for a free account and send me your username by Friday so I can add you to the production team. You can choose to sign up to “Watch” which will allow you to participate in our VUC tests and future events or go all the way and sign up for a “Broadcast” channel. Both are free, ad supported and somewhat limited in reach, but it allows you to get your feet wet in the whole video channel production thing. That includes lower thirds, crawlers and other things like channel branding. Another interesting aspect of the facilities is recording. Ustream (and the other two similar video sites) does a lot of the same things, and may do some of them better than Livestream, but Livestream is more professional in my opinion. One of the reasons I was attracted to the Mogulus beta years ago was the feature called autopilot. When the channel is not broadcasting live, you can set the channel to show a storyboard of content you choose. You can also allow video on demand. In both cases you can also use their embeded players on any web site. The new channel, if approved will be The problem with the older channel, which was approved years ago is that it is called “asterisk”. I hope to see that part straightened out before Friday as well. Stay tuned, film at 12.

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