Fraud Detection, Traffic Analysis with Humbug Analytics

Event: January 14th, 2011 @ 12 Noon

Humbug Telecom Labs join us to talk about their latest release. Nir Simionovich mentioned this project when we last met (AMOOCON 2010 in Rostock? Seems like 100 years ago.)

Did you know that most modern PBX systems can be exploited? were you aware that your cellphone voicemail box can be exploited as well?

So begins Humbug’s about page. The following text is a slightly modified version of the bios of the three main dudes in the project:

Boaz Bechar

Backoffice and frontend developer. Being it mangling PHP code with CodeIgniter or snazzing up some jQuery magical interfaces, Boaz is the man behind it. Boaz is also the person behind most (if not all) of the analytical displays in the backend. Boaz comes to Humbug after spending almost 4 years with PokeTalk.Com, a Telephony 2.0 company – where he gained much experience in developing backends, billing systems, analytical methods and much experience with handling fraud and analyzing it.

Igor Ratgauzer

If you are seeking to learn about the various aspects of physics, math and programming languages, Igor is the person to talk to. With over 20 years of development experience, Igor brings to the team much of the development horse power required to undertake a task such as Humbug. Be it, PHP, PERL, C, C++, SQL or some other obscured language that may be required – Igor is the man for the job. Igor is the brains behind most of the mathematical engines required to make the HumBug platform work as efficient as it should. When you work the Humbug interface, you would notice that it is working extremely fast, in comparison to most other Asterisk related analytical tools – the core of that is Igor’s work and analytical SQL engines.

Nir Simionovich

Unlike Boaz and Igor, who spend most of their time writing code for the project, Nir spends his time dreaming about different things the project needs. Be it a new analytical engine that is required, or maybe some cool business prospect for Humbug, Nir is the person to talk to. Nir is a well known figure in the Open Source telecommunications industry. Being involved with the Asterisk Open Source PBX project since 2002, writing 2 books about Asterisk and public speakings at multiple expos & conventions, Nir is our telephony/telecom guru. Nir also maintains his own blog at and is also the CEO of a consulting company called GreenfieldTech.

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