Happy 2012 from the VUC


The recording is an informal chat (is there any other kind of VUC?) about Republic Wireless (why won’t Brian talk to us?) and Invoxia’s iOS desk phone, the one Michael Graves is evaluating.

2011 was a fantastic year for VUC. I was able to get to Astricon, thanks to Digium, and met several new VUC folks (such as the ubiquituous James Body) as well as seeing old friends again, including the elusive John Todd 2.0.

We’re on Google Plus this year and we hope to see it grow: http://gplus.to/vuc. Please spread the word. G+ is a great way for us to communicate about each week’s sessions. Don’t be shy, that’s what we’re there for.

We had help from great sponsors and partners: Voxeo Labs, Sangoma, OnSIP.com, e4strategies and of course our great partnerships with ZipDX and Voxbone.

We chatted with amazing people doing amazing things: Allison Smith, Bryan Johns, Simon Wood, John “Captain Crunch” Draper, Kevin Fleming, Chris Veazy, Danielle Morrill, Chris Matthieu, Diana Cionoiu, Gerd Graumann, Jason Goecke, Dan York , David Burgess, Steven Song, Dave Michels, Ward Mundy, Brough Turner, Eric Klein, Nir Simionovich, Ben Klang, Alok Saboo, Alex Balashov, Andy Abramson, Bryan Martin, John Riordan, Charlotte Oliver, Emil Ivov, Rob Wolpov, Mike Oeth, Thilo Salmon, Frederic Dickey, Pascal Doré, Todd Carothers, Randal Schwartz, Jim Gettys, Dave Taht, Hugh Goldstein, Adrian Georgescu, Andrew Kuan and all the great regulars!

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