HarQen: Symposia

Event: Friday, December 23 at 1 PM EST

HarQen, the company that unlocks the value of the human voice in business conversations, joins us to discuss Symposia – the end of the dead-end conference call.

Symposia is a cloud–based collaboration offering that dynamically transforms any conversation into an interactive synopsis that lives long after the conference call, meeting, webinar or presentation has ended. The use cases are endless from CRM to recruiting.

HarQen’s VP of Business Development, Marc Della Torre, will be joining the call to show how Symposia lets users better take part in calls and do more with the call when it’s over than ever before.

Prior to joining HarQen, Marc lead sales and business development for JAJAH from late 2006. Marc transformed JAJAH’s free consumer VoIP telephony service into a profitable carrier-friendly cloud telephony service generating over $30m annually, which resulted in the $207m acquisition by Telefonica in January 2010. Prior to JAJAH, Marc lead the VeriSign mobile merchant services team which created the value which PayPal pursued via the 2005 acquisition for $370m. Marc received his BSEE from Wayne State University and a MSEE from George Washington University.

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