Left to Our Own Devices

Event: April 8, 2011

IRC Transcript and, here are the index labels we spoke of, generated by Audacity (and me). The first column is seconds in to the recording after removing silences.

106    News of the World phone hackers
875     Foreign SIM cards, USA phone booths
1273    Is toll-free still relevant?
1581    Skype v5, and new linux version
1641    Security: Telepacific outage
1745   Security: attacked? Who you gonna call?
2250   Epsilon email db breach
2381    Comodo breach, bad DSL, bad
2631    Linphone, new versions including OS X and Windows
2775   g711, not that bad!
2887  iPhone SIP apps
3346   Lync USB phone
3957   Visio TV checking file system?
4964  Anyone using Google Talk VUC gateway?
5109    Index or transcript of VUC sessions
5442   IRC transcript of VUC

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