OnSIP and Tropo do Great Things Together

Event: Friday Nov 4th at 12 Noon EDT

logosOnSIP Hosted PBX offers free SIP hosting and telephony services to small and medium sized businesses.  Voxeo’s Tropo is a cloud-based platform for web developers to build voice applications.  What happens when you bring these two together?  Find out on the next VUC, when John Riordan and Rob Wolpov, founders of OnSIP Hosted PBX, and Chris Matthieu, Director of Business Development at Voxeo, join to discuss a recent OnSIP-Tropo application and what’s next.

In the photo below, Nicole, John, & Jonathan Taylor ( Voxeo CEO).

A Quick look (full details in Nicole’s Blog)

Rooted heavily in SIP standards and customer service values, Voxeo has been a company we’ve known about and respected for years. Since it was founded in 1999, Voxeo has been mainly focused on hosted and on-premise based IVR solutions for customers much larger than ours. Likewise, our business rarely intersected with Voxeo’s. However, in 2009, Voxeo launched a new product called Tropo, a cloud-based application platform that makes it easy for web developers to build voice applications using familiar languages. This product is extremely promising for us, and it also gave us a great excuse to head down to Orlando for Voxeo’s Customer Summit.

The application then works as follows: When an inbound call comes in, it is placed in a conference. Before putting the call in a conference, this same script is launched via the Tropo API which then makes an outbound call to the callee. If the callee answers, the callee is prompted to accept the call. If the callee accepts, the callee is also put in the conference, thus ‘bridging’ the two call legs. If the callee declines or does not answer, the caller is removed from the conference by yet another call to the Tropo REST API to send an event that signals the caller exit the conference. At that point, the caller is sent to voicemail if a failover address is provided; otherwise, the caller is hung up on.


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