Surveys: Plum Voice Floodlight

Event: March 18th, 2011 at 12 Noon EDT

Intro music by Zip Caplan.

Andy Kuan, CEO of Plum Voice is our guest. You may recall Plum Voice visited the VUC last year to show their Quickfuse app. He will be talking about a new product they offer, Floodlight, which addresses the need for a survey via web or phone. If you are into surveys, here’s a slide show about Floodlight. On that same page is a free trial demo you’ll want to check out. Key points he will be addressing are:

  1. Overview of the Floodlight product and its origins
    • 17 different question types all of which work on both the web and the phone
    • Utilizes speech recognition extensively for a friendlier end-user experience
    • Integrated audio management
    • Integrated reporting
    • Runs on the Plum Voice infrastructure allowing calls to be terminated via SIP or TDM. With toll-free numbers in the US and Europe, or local numbers from much of the world via Voxbone.
  2. Floodlight does more than surveys
    • Hooks for VoiceXML subdialogs for custom dialog handlers
    • Hooks in QuickFuse which can jump to surveys — use the right tool for the right job
    • Question-centric rather than flow-centric which makes it somewhat easier to understand for non-technical people
    • Data integration via SOAP

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