Safi Systems

Event: February 25th, 2011

Zac Wolfe and Eric Erickson join us from Safi Systems about news of their latest products.

SafiWorkshop is a call flow and IVR designer. With SafiWorkshop you can design, test, debug and deploy advanced call routing applications from a single, unified development environment. SafiWorkshop also includes a prompt recorder/importer for managing IVR prompts and a fully featured SQL query editor.

SafiServer is a standalone application server that supports a broad range of telephony applications and serves as the platform upon which everything from call routing to complex database driven IVRs can be built. SafiServer is built on enterprise level technology and has been designed from the ground-up with extensibility, scalability and reliability in mind. SafiServer can be run in Windows or Linux and has the flexibility to either be installed on the same system as your telephone switch (Asterisk or FreeSWITCH) or on a separate machine.

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