Skype Outage, Supernodes and Kryptonite

Event: Friday, January 7th

Voxeo Director of Conversations Dan York joined us for a detailed explanation of what happened to the supernodes and what Skype engineers did to bring the network back up. Dan’s CNN moment is on Disruptive Telephony.

Skype has had a “monopoly” in this space for a long time. Also, the news just came out that Skype purchased Qik and Dan and a few of conjecture about what this means for the future.

In the second part of the call, after a brief excerpt from Silver Water, Leif Madsen, co-author of the Asterisk Book (aka TOFT) and Russell Bryant Digium’s Engineering Manager, Open Source Software tell us about the imminent release of the 3rd edition, “Asterisk, the Definitive Guide” and how you can help make it even better.

Superman Cartoon Theme by Zip Caplan. The “intermission” song “Silver Water” was written by Randy Resnick and Coleman Head.

Total Call Duration (not recording): 4h15m – Audio Legs: 245 (Max concurrent: 48)

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