What is WebRTC?

Event: Friday Nov 25th

An initial introduction to WebRTCWebRTC is an open framework for the web that enables Real Time Communications in the browser. It includes the fundamental building blocks for high quality communications on the web such as network, audio and video components used in voice and video chat applications.
These components, when implemented in a browser, can be accessed through a Javascript API, enabling developers to easily implement their own RTC web app.

Here are the next few topics covered in the FAQ

2 Why should I use WebRTC?
3 How do I develop a video chat application in a web page?
4 What is the xxxxxxx audio codec?

7 What other components are included in the WebRTC package?
7.1 Audio
7.2 Video
7.3 Network

WebRTC is a open source project aiming to enable the web with Real Time Communication (RTC) capabilities.

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