AG Projects: SIP/XMPP Gateway

Event: Friday September 7th, 2012 at 12 Noon EDT

This week, Adrian Georgescu and Saúl Ibarra Corretgé will join VUC and demonstrate this project for us. Here is an excerpt from the project page:

Various projects in the open source domain emerged to tackle the interoperability between XMPP and SIP but all of them focused on one-to-one Presence signaling or VoIP sessions, but never in the context of rich media interoperability and using standard user@domain Internet addressing.

SylkServer SIP/XMPP gateway application goal is to cover this gap and provide an open source implementation for interoperability of all relevant media types and multimedia conferencing for them. We consider relevant media the following: Wide-band audio, Session based IM, File Transfer, Presence and Multiparty Conferencing facilities for all of them. We consider Screensharing and Video beyond the basic need of interoperability due to obvious reasons related to codecs, scalability or lack of standards.

The goal of this task is to implement a bidirectional signaling and media gateway for Presence, Instant Messaging, Multiparty IM, Audio, and File Transfer for SIP and XMPP signaling protocols, RTP and MSRP media planes.

By pointing the correspondent DNS records for SIP or XMPP services of a given Internet domain to the address of this gateway, any packet sent to or connection established to the gateway by one of the protocols is transparently translated into the other. The server is designed in such way that it requires zero-configuration (except of course for the DNS domains configuration).

This research and development is part of the WormHole Project sponsored by NLNet and AG Projects.

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